“25 Best Travel Tips I’ve Picked Up from 80+ Countries” – Drew Binsky

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Courtesy of Vexels

I want to travel the world! I want to be a citizen of the Earth and connect with people all around the globe! I’d love to travel on a whim; but I’m not usually one to take risks, especially with travelling. However, every time I watch one of Drew Binsky’s YouTube videos, he makes me want to drop everything and explore! Below is his latest video!

Courtesy of Drew Binsky’s YouTube Channel

“Drew Binsky is a 27 year old daily travel video maker, blogger and social media influencer with 1.7+ million combined followers and 400+ million video views.” AND one of my biggest inspirations for travelling after I graduate in May!

Drew has visited 80+ countries ever since 2012! After graduating from University of Wisconsin-Madison (go Wisconsin universities!) with a degree in Economics, he went to Korea for 18 months teaching English. Not the “typical route” someone would take after getting a degree in Economics, but hey that’s the beauty of it all! It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else – it just has to make sense to YOU!

Now in 2019, Drew’s country count is up to 153 countries (truly a travel wizard!) He has probably learned a thing or two (in this case – 25) about the general travel do’s and don’ts. I can’t even begin to imagine where to start when getting ready to travel much less during the actual trip! This list really helped me with all the important aspects of travelling! It also made me think a lot more about my post undergraduate life! Read all about Drew’s tips here!

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